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Haircut Trauma April 27, 2009

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Ok, here is the condensed version of the story…

I cut 10 inches off my hair not too long ago and then proceeded to go pick up my 2 boys from school.  My oldest FLIPPED OUT!  He cried and screamed from the time he laid eyes on me until we were home (about 40 minutes).  Inconsolable.  He kept saying, “No, Mommy!  You put you circle back ONNNN!  Put you circle back ONNNN!”  (That’s code for the ponytail/bun I always had which I no longer had the hair for.)  I thought something was seriously wrong with the boy.  What in the world?  After being reassured that he’s perfectly fine by my MFT granddad, I then wondered if I’d get the same reaction from my husband.  Thankfully, I did not, although I can’t say he was super excited about it.  He probably felt the same way about it that I feel when I see him come out of the bathroom with a nearly scalped head.  I still love him and find him attractive, but miss that beautiful blonde hair!  Have any of you had similar experiences with your children?  Husbands often prefer long hair to short, but what about these kids?  Funny.


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