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The Birthday Party Challenge July 21, 2009

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When Josiah said he wanted an Elijah party, I thought he misunderstood my question.  After all, he’s only three.  It soon became apparent that he was completely serious.  Every time we asked him we got the same reply…”Ewijah Burfday”.  Ok, ok….so now what?

We brainstormed for days and days (amidst packing and other moving related things).  Justin wanted to build an altar and set it on fire…have the kids pour cups of water on it, he’d be last and pour a cup of gasoline on it, light a match and voila!  Amazing fire!  All you moms out there see the problem, though, right?  Three year olds?  Toddlers?  Large bonfire and gasoline?  Time for plan B.

Given time constraints we decided to concentrate on cake decorating, make a game of “Pin the Beard on Elijah”, read a story about Elijah, and have what would have been a chariots of fire tricycle race.  (Three year olds are not known for their long attention spans.)   Anyway, all in all I think it was a good day.  They all seemed to be enjoying themselves and perhaps they learned something about the Bible that they didn’t know.  I wonder what he’ll pick next year…

I hope to post pictures of the party once we’re moved and settled…we all know about the best of intentions though…sometimes they’re nothing but intentions.  Anyway, hope for the best!  Until next time…


3 Responses to “The Birthday Party Challenge”

  1. Lara Says:

    Sounds amazing…such cute ideas! I’ll have to keep those in mind, but probably for a VBS instead of a bday party.

  2. Lee McCain Says:

    Sounds like Justin’s Elijah Fire is contagious! Good job parents!

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