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All Is Lost! July 30, 2009

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You are probably going to think I’m making this up.  Well, some of you anyway.  Those who know me best will more than likely be quite certain that this actually DID happen.

Right before our move, I was to meet some ladies at a local restaurant in Gravette as a sort of goodbye luncheon.  I planned to take Sadie with me so she could participate in the estrogen fest…and I confess, so I could show her off.  She is the cutest little thing in the world, ya know.

Around the time I needed to leave we noticed that we couldn’t find the keys to the car.  We looked EVERYWHERE!  I checked my bag at least a half a dozen times and every nook and cranny we could imagine.  I even checked the refrigerator.  When it became apparent that we weren’t going to find them, I told Justin, “No problem.  I’ll just call Nikki and ask her to come pick me up.  We can keep looking when I get back.  Where’s the phone?”  …You guessed it…  We couldn’t find the phone either.

Now we were getting a bit frantic.  The clock was ticking and I couldn’t even contact my hostess to let her know I was stuck.  Doing my best to remain calm I thought, “No problem.  I’ll go ask our neighbor if I can use her phone to call.”  …She wasn’t home.  I tried another neighbor… She wasn’t home either.

By now I’m in full fledged panic mode.  I’m the guest of honor and by all reasonable expectation I will also soon be called absent.  When I returned home from the neighbor’s I declared that I was just going to walk.  I had ten minutes to get there and if I huffed it, I might only be about five minutes late.  So, off I went walking briskly and jogging a bit of the way.  As I jog I hear a jingle coming from my bag.  Wanna guess what it was?  …Mm hmm…  The keys.  At this point I’m already half way there.  I’m not going back home.

A little further up the road a member from church drives by and sees my sweaty self so I flag him down and ask for a ride to the cafe.  (Lucky him, right?)  Despite my stench, he obliges and between gasps for air I tell him the key and phone saga.  Then I mentioned how I planned to ask one of the ladies at the luncheon if I could borrow their mobile to call Justin to tell him the wonderful news.  “Keys are found!  We don’t have to tow the car nearly 1000 miles when we move!”  (I could just imagine him at home stewing and fretting and tearing up the place looking for them.)  By the way, as far as the phone goes, I hoped that it was within earshot and calling would help him find it.  At this, my new best friend hands me his phone and I quickly dial our number.  Can you guess what happened then?  ..Yup…  My bag begins to sing.  This is NOT normal!  What is going on?!  I checked this bag SEVERAL times!  I mean, this is the kind of thing that happens in movies like Ocean’s Thirteen and you think, “Oh please, that is SO unrealistic.  That set of circumstances would NEVER happen.”

Anyway, since I obviously have our only phone, I can’t CALL Justin to tell him our doubly good news.  “Eureka!  All is NOT lost!  All has been found!”  Thankfully, my chauffeur was kind enough to deliver the phone to my distressed husband and assure him of our keys’ safe keeping.  Leroy, you’re an angel! 

Now if I could just find the charger…


One Response to “All Is Lost!”

  1. Geneva Says:

    Do you think God is trying to tell you something?

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