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Goodbye 2009!!! January 2, 2010

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Usually around this time of year like so many other people I send an email or post something recapping the highlights of the last 365 days.  This past year didn’t have many highlights…more like “lowlights”.  If there were a contest for Stephanie’s worst year, 2009 wins by a landslide.  Justin lost his job in March under shady circumstances and still does not have full-time employment, we had to move and as many of you know… 

My 28 year old brother, Matthew Austin Seabolt, died August 13th.  I was crushed.  My only brother.  He was so protective of me, his older sister.  I’m still picking up the pieces.  God is putting me back together.  I want to blame someone for his death.  I want someone to scream at and to hit.

But before you start to worry about me too much, even in the midst of such a tragic year, I have been blessed…WE have been blessed.  My three beautiful children bring us much joy.  All of them love to sing and dance.  Jackson loves to act out his favorite shows.  Sadie is a little parrot and speaks with such clarity for a 21 month old.  Josiah loves to color and write his name (not always on paper, though).  We’ve started homeschooling officially (I say officially because I’ve discovered that we’ve been homeschooling since their birth but only become deliberate about it a few months ago.).  The kids love it!  It’s not work to them and much of what we do isn’t compulsory.  We incorporate teachable moments throughout our day as opportunity presents itself.  Jackson is only 4 years old, but I think we’ll continue to homeschool as long as we are able and it is effective for our kids.  I’m surprised with how much I have enjoyed it too.  It just feels natural.

Justin starts another master’s degree program this semester.  This time he’s working on a master’s of library and information science (aka. MLiS) at Valdosta State University.  We are hoping that upon completion this will lead to a position in a theological library and/or archival work.  Yes, I married a bookworm.  No, I didn’t plan on marrying a librarian but I’m so glad I did!

This is truly the condensed version of our year.  I just don’t have the time or energy to elaborate much more right now.  It’s been a very difficult year but God is still good.  Thank you all so much for being there for me and my family and helping us through this nightmare.  Each of you are dearly loved and appreciated.  I leave you with this blessing I pulled from one of my mom’s posts.  It’s beautiful.  God bless you and happy New Year!


3 Responses to “Goodbye 2009!!!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Hey Steph~
    Wanted you to know that I just love reading your posts. Maybe this can turn out to be a paid job for you. You are such a wonderful blogger/writer that maybe this is what God has for you?? I love reading everything that you write and you are sharing something so personal that I can tell when you write that you express everything that you feel that you need to get out.You have lost your only brother and your husband lost his job. You love your kids( and I know that..your kids are beautiful!). Keep In Touch!

  2. Nicole Henderson Says:

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to your sweet comment on my blog. You were so very thoughtful to hurt with us and pray for us. It means more than you know- especially in light of all that your family has and is walking through with the death of your brother. I’ve read several of your blog posts and just wept for you and your loss. I am so very very sorry. I was amazed that so many of your thoughts were thoughts I have had. It was as if you had read my mind. Example: the grave yard, or how you felt guilty to have moments of joy, or how you felt about life moving on, and even songs that came to your mind- the same ones for me! Thank you for writing your raw feelings. It’s amazing how God can use those in others’ lives. I wish I could remember you from Lipscomb, but I’m glad you found me. I will be thinking of you in the days ahead and praying for healing.
    In Christ,
    Nicole Tenpenny Henderson

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