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Dear Adler, Ashton and Aydan, June 22, 2010

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How much we miss you!  We tried to call you Wednesday, June 16th to see how you were doing and to wish you, Adler, a happy first birthday.  We sent gifts and can only hope you received them.  What we hope was a very happy day for you was devastating for us.  We (particularly Mama T) were told that we’d never see or talk to you ever again.  We were told that you’d be better off not ever knowing us.  Your father, along with the rest of the family, were accused of terrible abuses.  I don’t write this intending to attack those who’ve made these statements but so that you may know the truth.

You were and still are so dearly loved!  We think of you and miss you every day.  You weren’t nor will you EVER be forgotten!  Your daddy loved you so much.  You were his pride and joy and that was evident to anyone who spent more than 2 minutes with him.  I can’t even count how many people told us just how precious you were to him.  Never doubt how much he loved you!

Aydan, I want to make a point of specifically saying that includes you too.  He considered you his son, his flesh and blood.  You are a welcomed part of our family because you were a welcomed part of his.  You too are dearly loved, missed, and remembered.  But Aydan, there is something you should know.  You still have an opportunity to have a relationship with your true earthly father.  I believe he loves you too.  I believe he longs for a chance to be a part of your life.  I believe this because I know he was accused of the same abuses as those of my brother which I also know to be false.  I can only assume that the same is true of your father’s accusations.  I hope someday soon you’ll find each other and get to know one another.

As the saying goes, “I don’t know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future.”  We cling to the hope of seeing you again soon.  We long to be a part of your life and watch you grow up.  I want you to know your cousins and you can be sure that they will be told about you.  We pray for you.  We pray that you will know just how loved you truly are.  We pray to one day see you again.  Hebrews 11:1 brings you to mind every time I read it now which says, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  We will keep the faith.  May God be with you until we meet again.

Love always and forever,

Aunt Stephanie


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