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Colditis January 13, 2011

I suffer from colditis.  Cold paralyzes me.  I can’t move, I can’t hardly breathe.  I can’t even think about anything else except how cold I am…and it makes me cranky.  From what I can tell, my eldest son suffers from my condition too.  Just this morning, I got his coat out of the van where it had been left all night.  He stuck one arm in, then quickly yanked it out griping and complaining about how cold his jacket was.

Last night I made a declaration after seeing our electricity bill this month.  It was nearly TWICE as much as last month’s AND we were out of town for an entire week.  It should have been LESS, not MORE.  Therefore, “From now on, NO lights are to be left on in an empty room and we are pushing the thermostat WAY DOWN.”  It’s only been about 14 hours since my recent declaration but it has already reminded my body of my colditis.  Even now as I type, my fingers seem to beg for a mitten of mercy.

I’d never survive the arctic.  We live in south Georgia for cryin’ out loud and I’m acting like there’s a blizzard outside.  The irony is that we’ve lived in Virginia, Texas, northwest Arkansas, and Tennessee.  They may still be considered southern states, but it gets a whole lot colder there than here.  (Honestly, I think Abilene, TX, could very well be one of the coldest places on earth.  It’s the wind that gets you there.  There’s just nothing to stop it!  Flat terrain with nothing more than a few mesquite trees means wind doesn’t have to put up much of a fight to find you in full force.)   In fact, I used to laugh at folks (and still do sometimes…yes, I’m an imperfect person whose colditis comes and goes.) who complained about how “cold it is outside” when the temperature drops below 60.  Now look at me.  We’re only in our second winter here and I’m already turning soft.  I’ve caught colditis again.

I’m sticking to my guns with regards to that electric bill.  It was ridiculously high and we’re nipping that in the bud!  So when I’m feeling cold, my mantra shall be (from the mouth of a very wise woman) “this too shall pass.”  Yes, warm days and sunny rays will return.  However, until then you can bet I’ll be paving the runway sporting several layers of clothes that may or may not match and wearing socks to cover more than just my feet.  I’ll also be leaving the laundry room door open (no sense letting that little closet hoard all the heat from the dryer) and leaving the oven door open after dinner.  Lastly, (and the more enjoyable consequence) I’ll probably be snuggling with my hubbie and/or kiddos at every available opportunity while sipping on a nice, steaming hot cup of coffee, cocoa, cider or tea.   Heck, even a hot cup of lemon water will do!  Hmm…maybe colditis isn’t so bad after all.  🙂


2 Responses to “Colditis”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hi Stephanie!
    I, too, am turning the thermostat WAY down, which does not make me happy. Thankfully my kids insist on having multiple dance parties during the day to keep me warm. (btw, as I glanced at the title for this post I didn’t see the i after cold so I was rather shocked until I reread it correctly! lol!)

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