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A Wonderfully Weary Wednesday February 16, 2011

Last Wednesday was a “roller coaster of emotion” kind of day.  My husband was so ill that I had to contact his director and call him in sick.  That left me frustrated when I tried to call three different numbers and couldn’t even get a ring on any of them.  I sent an email through their own network (which I didn’t fully understand) and then prayed that I was successful in reaching someone and keeping our sole source of income intact.  Mission accomplished. 🙂

Next it was time to get my oldest to school and find a doctor for Justin.  It’s in moments like these when I’m especially thankful to have family close by to help.  “Mama T” and “Papa C” were willing to watch our younger two while I carted Justin to the clinic.  Insert about an hour and a half, two shots, and a prescription and we’re out of there.  Quick phone call to the parents for an update (and heads up that we’re late…still need to fill Rx) and we’re off to the pharmacy.

So, now picture a NEVER ENDING train.  You locals know what I’m talking about.  The railroad crossing on St. Augustine right before the intersection at Hill Street.  I wished I could worm my way to the front and take the short-cut AROUND the train.  I would’ve gladly rolled my window down and shared the knowledge to the people in front of me if I thought they’d act on it.  I knew that wasn’t a possibility though because a tractor trailer was first in line and he was way too big to be making the “short cut”.   (No pun intended.)  Now this train was seriously long.  That ain’t no joke.  Not to mention that the cars were probably moving 0.01 miles per hour.  They trick you too.  You think, “Oh, finally, the train’s about to clear!”  Then, they stop.  And back up.  My emotions went from impatience, to frustration, to worry that my husband might puke in my van, to concern about leaving my folks stranded with the kids for so long.  So, I confess.  I drove up the left side and around that semi and took the short cut!

While waiting for Sam’s to fill the prescription, we decided to sit in their eat-in area.  It was closing in on lunchtime so I grabbed a quick bite.  Justin got an icee but couldn’t drink it.  We thought it was just cherry but it wasn’t.  Poor hubbie.

We finally have the prescription, go pick up the kids from mom’s and head home.  I had about one hour to get the house in decent shape before getting Jackson from school.  “Mrs. Heather” is his speech therapist and she’s normally waiting for us by the time I get back from picking him up.  So, dishes?  Done.  Tables?  Wiped.  Floor?  Swept and SPOT mopped.  Living room?  Well, atleast everything was up off of the floor.  How am I feeling now?  Exhausted.

So, I pick up Jackson and then drop him off at home while I go to Publix.  That turned into one of the longest grocery runs ever and I can’t even explain how or why.  Maybe my exhaustion?  It doesn’t help that I haven’t been wearing a watch.  Anyway, I realize when I leave there that I’ve got to book it home if me and the kids are going to make it to church.  What about dinner?  Four dollars and forty-four cents gone and I’m in the van with a hot-n-ready pizza!  After what feels like the longest drive home, I finally pull to a screeching halt, practically throw the pizza on the table, tell the kids to eat while I unload the perishables and then get their socks and shoes on.  I even had to let them finish their pizzas on the drive.  That’s how quick of a stop it was.  We looked completely a mess, I’m sure.  But at least we made it. 🙂

After such a harried arrival, when class was over I thought we’d take our time getting back to the car and back to the house so I just drove without my usual “drive”.  Once in the house it was time for the kids to go to bed and boy, was I ready!  Sadie, however, was NOT ready.  Oh, she was tired.  And she didn’t fuss about getting in her bed, initially.  All I wanted was some peace and quiet and she has to start fussing.  (I was not feeling very sympathetic at that moment.)  She complained that her head hurt so I gave her some tylenol.  She was a little stuffed up too so I gave her something for that.  But then she started screaming crying.  It took a while to finally understand her but she kept saying “My ear hurts.  My ear hurts.”  So, I dug out our “Earache Relief” drops from the medicine cabinet and put a couple of drops in her ear.  Within about 30 seconds her ear started bleeding.  Now, I’m not one to panic.  That’s my husband’s job.  But that did scare me.  We tried to call a clinic and did a quick search on webmd.  Webmd is enough to scare a person.  “Well, it could be a little scratch in the ear or it could be bleeding on the brain.”  Great.  Thanks.  So, emergency room here we come.

I pull in to the parking lot, finally get a spot, carry Sadie inside to the front desk (her ear all crusted over with blood) and the lady behind the counter asks if she can help me.  I tell her that my daughter’s ear is bleeding.  Then she kindly asks for our basic information, a photo id, etc.  The whole time I’m thinking, “Seriously?  My 2 year old’s ear is bleeding and you’re not gonna rush her back there?”  Then we sit and wait to be called.  That’s really when the emotions were all over the place.  I was scared, nervous, frantic (on the inside), exhausted, helpless, and getting more and more angry and impatient the longer we sat there.  To make a long story short (too late, right?), she’s ok.  She was the perfect little patient.  She opened her mouth so the doctor could look.  She let them look in her ear.  She let them take all her vitals.  I was really impressed.

God taught me a lot this past Wednesday.  I learned how to have more patience & more self-control.  I learned that I can do with less sleep than I thought I could.  I learned to trust God more and myself less.  I learned that taking care of my family is more important than whether or not the dishes are cleaned or the floor is vaccuumed.  I love them more than anything.  They may make me weary sometimes, but in their case, it’s wonder-filled!